Parliamo d’amore: Valentine’s day in Italian (FREEBIE included)

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Buon San Valentino!

For Valentine’s this year I decided to make it extra fun. First up, my podcast with sexy and sweet things to say in Italian can be listened to (and you can read along) here.

If you want to get in a romantic mood, I also created a playlist with 10 super romantic songs in Italian. You can read my post here or go straight to my playlist on Spotify here.

I also had the lovely Florentine artist who made my logo Frankie Draws create a downloadable Valentine’s day card for you – it’s the image for this post! Simply download below (either PDF or JPG) and print at home. It’s got a proverb on it too – one of my favorites – and it’s completely gender neutral, so feel free to send it to any man or woman you love. It says, “quando si ama, anche i sassi diventano stelle” – “when you’re in love, even stones look like stars.” Swoon!!

And lastly, I made a round up of some of my favorite posts out there for Valentine’s day in Italian.

Sexy phrases to seduce your Italian lover

14 classy Italian phrases to use in the bedroom

EXPLICIT: Nasty girls guide to talking dirty in Italian

EXPLICIT: The guys guide to talking dirty in Italian

Buona festa!!


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