Kid Friendly Florence

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Here is an ongoing list of great places to go with kids in Florence:


  • Santa Rosa Bistrot – they have space for kids to run around in the grass while you eat or drink nearby.
  • Mamma Gina’s – they are like the most kid friendly restaurant in Florence. THEY LOVE KIDS. I think it’s because everyone who works that has like 5-10 of them at home themselves, but honestly they are more than happy to welcome families.
  • Aperitivo at the Oblate – mentioned it above but it has a large terrace, elevators and a great view. Kids can have some space to play and you can still enjoy a very Italian outing.
  • Zushi – My favorite sushi spot in Flo is also awesome for kids. They have tables built into the ground so you sit on a fake grass field while eating. Kids can move around, crawl and enjoy the space too. Just be sure when you call to reserve, explain you have kids and ask for one of the seats “on the grass” or “sul prato.”
  • Hard Rock Cafe – Just like any Hard Rock around the world, they have a kids menu, American favorites if you’re little one is suffering from food culture shock and the general atmosphere that makes all Hard Rocks so fun.


  • Palazzo Vecchio – They offer some museum experiences just for kids. Totally fun for bigger kids (ages 10 and up) where they get to explore the costumes and traditions of renaissance Italy. Their secret passageways tour – full of mystery and intrigue –  is also sure to delight even the pickiest kids!
  • Spazio Co-stanza coworking – This is the best idea ever and should be implimented all over the world in my opinion! It’s part cultural space (offering classes, such as yoga, language lessons, writing classes etc) and part co-working. While you’re there co-working they offer a babysitting service at the affordable price of 8 euro an hour. Your kids can see you, you can see them, but you can focus and get what you need to get done, DONE! They also offer some babysitting services even if you’re not physically there but you have to inquire for more info. 
  • Sunflower school – In partnership with Spazio Co-stanza, they offer a kids school for the littlest  language learners 
  • Stibbert Museum – This museum is outside the center and boasts an impressive collection of amory and oddities. It’s sure to please kids as it’s like time traveling, plus their gardens are great for running around afterwards and releasing pent up energy.
  • La Specola – A weird sort of odd museum, not for little kids as it can be a bit scary, but bigger kids will enjoy the strange collection of taxidermied animals.
  • Natural history museum – A great place to see a collection of fossils and other historic animal recreations.
  • Ride the historic carousel in Piazza della Repubblica. It’s been running since the beginning of the 20th century, always run by the same Picci family. It’s so classically Florentine it should not be missed!


  • Parco delle Cascine – In the summer, the park also has an outdoor public pool (called Le Pavoniere). The park itself is very large and just outside the historical center. It’s great for walks but they also have various playgrounds as well.
  • Giardino D’Azeglio – This park also has a little area for kids with some basic rides.
  • Parco Giochi Mondobimbo – This is a small amusement-type park with tons of stuff to do. They have go-karts, bounce houses, a game room, and more.

What about you? Did I miss any of your favorite? I am always interested in having contributors add their cities or additions to this list, contact me or comment to be included!


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