How to Use TikTok As an Educational Tool

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TikTok is the most popular social application for the young generation, TikTok is becoming more commonplace. Adults who appreciate short-form content enjoy TikTok as well. It can also be used by teachers to develop educational videos. You might be wondering about what TikTok could offer to educational purposes.

These phrases could increase the length of your essay

If you’re having trouble with the essay you’re writing, you might be able to make your writing longer by using TikTok expressions. You can make short videos to increase your word count while sounding smarter. The tips are the most requested by students, who have even sent the tips to parents.

The most effective way to extend your essay is to increase its word count. This can allow the reuse of a lot of the content has already been written. However, you must remember that instructors can quickly detect a lack of quality in your essay therefore, you must concentrate on the quality of your essay rather than quantities. To make your essay longer Try to look at the prompt for your essay or essay by looking at it from multiple angles.

Include more proof

One way to make your essay more persuasive is to provide more convincing evidence. This is done through citing other aspects in the essay. Include supporting information and an outline that is clear for each section. It’s also crucial to prepare for opposing arguments. When writing a persuasive essay, it is important to anticipate the points you will make and provide evidence for every one.

Use transition words

The use of transition words is to establish the relationships between sentences and paragraphs in your essay. These words improve your essay’s flow and create context between the points. There are many examples of the transition words to use: Charting is used for following treatment of patients. Charting occurs after the completion of treatment for the patient.

The transition words should be distinct. The goal of transition words is to stitch the pieces of writing together, making sure that they are uniform and cohesive. It’s possible to seek assistance when choosing the correct word or phrase. It is also possible to use to make a list of transition terms to help you structure your paper.

Use a thesaurus

Thesaurus is an extremely useful tool when it comes to writing. It can help you discover synonyms for words you often make use of and also help identify the perfect word to describe the concept. Many students believe that making use of a thesaurus is a way to sound pretentious, this is not the case.

Thesaurus are also useful to alter the tone or nuances of words. Words like prosaic may give your writing an academic tone, while vanilla is more casual and informal. You should remember that certain words are more appropriate for certain types of audiences than others.

Avoid repetition

The best way to write an effective essay is to avoid repetition. The repetition of words can cause distraction and could affect the enjoyment in reading your essay. For avoiding repetition, think about using a word processor’s Find feature. This tool will assist you in identifying terms and phrases you are repeating.

Thesaurus is another way to keep from repetition. This will allow you to substituting commonly used words by synonyms. A lot of grammar-checkers have an built-in thesaurus. Be careful to not use excessive synonyms. Thesaurus use should be kept to a minimum and sparing.

If you do find yourself repeating the same sentence over and over you can try writing your sentences in a different way. This can eliminate repetitive writing and will add a dynamic rhythm in your work. The writing you write will be more enjoyable to take in. The less repetitive words you can eliminate, the better your essay will read.

Pronouns also help prevent repetition. Pronouns can be utilized for identifying different individuals. If the context permits you to make use of pronouns at least a couple of times. When appropriate, use pronouns as well as your own name sparingly. In order to make sure that your writing flow naturally it’s helpful to ask someone to read the text aloud. When proofreading, you can examine for duplicates.


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