4: The one word to order ANYTHING in Italian!

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Today I am going to take you through the easiest way to order anything from dinner to coffee to a glass of wine in Italian. This one word will definitely help you out on your Italian vacation but also get some extra appreciation from the local staff. 

Are you ready for the word? It’s simple. Vorrei. Did you get that? Vorrei. It means “I would like…” and you can insert it before whatever you’re ordering.

So let’s try it. Picture this, it’s been a long day of trains and planes and busses and you’re in need of a pick me up. You see a coffee shop in the distance and decide to pop in. Now, you could probably just say “caffe” and call it a day, but it won’t get you very far in the friends department. All you need to do is add “vorrei” plus the item itself. I should mention here ideally you also need some definite articles under your belt, but it still makes a polite point without them. Confused what definite articles are? They are the words that introduce a noun. Like the “a” before “a noun” or the “a” before, “a coffee.” In Italian they are “un, uno, una” but that’s a lesson for another time. 

Ready to order a panino or even a gelato? Let’s try. I would like a gelato. “Vorrei un gelato. How about, I would like a panino, “vorrei un panino.” Thirsty? “Vorrei  un acqua naturale.” Even a glass of wine, “vorrei un bicchiere di vino” Unless of course you need the whole bottle, then feel free to say, “vorrei una bottiglia di vino.”

Obviously using vorrei requires a tiny bit of Italian under your belt, but this one word will give you the power to confidently order anything you need while you’re visiting Italy.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of 2minutes2italy! Arrivederci! 


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