19: Part 1: Three no cook summer meals

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This is definitely not a food podcast (psst, check out my friend’s podcast, The Italian Dish for that!). But, also, how can you separate Italy from Italian food? It’s basically impossible, so today I wanted to go through some recipes you can make, in the heat of summer, and bring a little bit of Italia into your own home, no matter where you are. These recipes require no stove and no oven, so they are delicious even on the hottest day. Each name  is written in the podcast description so you can google them and find a recipe too! 


Panzanella is a Tuscan bread salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and onions. It is made from stale bread that is soaked in water, then squeezed and dressed with oil and vinegar. It is a great dish to make for a light lunch and can be made ahead and let sit in the fridge so the flavors meld together. A little tip an Italian chef taught me: soak the sliced red onions in water for 20 minutes before adding to the salad. It takes out their sting and leaves all their sweetness.

2. Prosciutto e melone

This dish has just two ingredients, cantaloupe and prosciutto. The salty prosciutto on top of the sweet melon is delicious. You can make it mini with a melon baller, appetizer size, or just cut huge chunks of melon and lay thin strips of prosciutto on top. This is one of my favorite summer lunches!

3. Fennel salad

A very typical Tuscan dish, fennel salad is prepared with sliced fennel, oranges, olive oil and olives. You can also add honey or some orange juice for a bit more sweetness. Just thinly slice the fennel and toss with the other ingredients, using as much or as little as you prefer. One great thing about this recipe is you can’t go wrong, so experiment with it how you like, just as the Italians do. I make this year round and I never use a recipe, I just mix and taste and go. 

And there you have it, three recipes in 2 minutes to  make your summer more Italian! Tune into part 2 for three more recipes. Buon appetito ragazzi!

Links for recipes I love:

Jule’s Kitchen Panzanella

Prosciutto e melone (in Italian)

Tuscan fennel salad


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