13: 5 Tourist traps in Florence to avoid

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If you’re planning a trip to Florence, sometime after this COVID crisis ends, you might be looking for places to eat and things to explore.

However, there are certain tourist traps in Florence that most Italian’s think are entirely overrated and not worth the time. Curious about places Florentines never bother to go? Let’s check out 5 things to avoid in Firenze. 

  1. Pizza place by Santo Spirito that rhymes with “foosta mizza.” Ugh how many times do I hear American’s talking about this pizza? Guys, I have a secret for you, it’s not THAT good. There are WAY better pizza places in Florence. The reason this place is so popular is because it actually used to be amazing, like 10 years ago. Then tourists descended upon it, the quality went down, and now, I don’t know a single Florentine who would be caught eating here.
  2. All’Antico Vinaio. OK I debated putting this on here because I actually LOVE their panini, and I know many others that do as well. But, the excessive line, the waiting for HOURS for a sandwich, just seems a bit silly when there are many other wonderful places to get lunch in Florence. If you absolutely must go, get the Favoloso and thank me later, but also don’t sweat it if you don’t feel like waiting in the massive line and prefer to check out a smaller place somewhere else.
  3. San Lorenzo Market. I hate that I had to add this to the list, but the bottom line is, the market in Florence has changed. 15 years ago, all the vendors were Italian, selling their Italian handmade goods and you could get a steal of an item for a reasonable price. Now unfortunately most of the owners of the carts are foreign (there was an expose on this a few years ago, very upsetting) and the workers too. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but if you’re looking for authentic, Italian goods, this is not the place.
  4. Buying cheap looking leather. There are lots of places to get the exact same bag as everyone else, but you’ll never find Florentines shopping there. They prefer to frequent artisan leather shops where you can get truly interesting, unique and different designs. The dead give away is if you see the back at San Lorenzo market, and then again in about million leather shops, it’s likely mass produced and not artisanal made.
  5. AirbnBs in general. If you want to open up a hot topic, start discussing airbnbs in Florence. Italians claim these get rich quick airbnbs have ruined the city for the locals. If you mention you’re staying in one, you might find it hard to make Italian friends.


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