10: Planning a trip to Amalfi? Listen here first!

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Everyone talks about the Amalfi coast, those seaside villages including Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi itself.

But did you know there are many other towns along the coast besides the “Big 3” worth exploring? In today’s 2minutes2Italy, we will talk about the 5 things I recommend doing that might not be on your radar.

  1. So, I was just mentioning those other towns, I highly recommend seeing more than the usual main three spots. Did you know the entire Amalfi Coast is actually a 30 mile stretch? If you only do Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi, you really haven’t done it at all.

Check out some of the other towns like Praiano, Maiori ( which actually has the largest beach on the coast) and Conca dei Marini. There is so much to discover!

  1. Eat lemon everything. Lemons grow in this area and have become a dietary staple. Do yourself a favor and indulge. If you see a lemon pasta on the menu, get it. My absolute favorite dishes from this area are the ones with strong hints of lemon mixed with fresh caught seafood. Just divine.
  1. Do your homework and find TRUE artisan shops. Some indicators are the words, “Artigianale,” the length of time in business, and the fact that they have stuff other places don’t. You can find them if you look, using Instagram, asking your hotel or airbnb or other locals, and support them. Amalfi has way too many commercial shops now, it’s so worth it to patronize the local and original shops
  1. Eat cheese. Did you know there is a stretch from Naples to Salerno that the ancient Romans called “Monte Lattari” or Milk Mountains, for the numerous cows raised in the area? The tradition continues today and outstanding cheese and milk products come from this area. 
  1. Check out the ceramics from Vietri sul Mare. This town is so colorful, it’s a delight to visit just for the ceramic street art alone. But beyond that, this is the place to go for artisanal ceramics.

Buon viaggio!


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