Baby Creations by Olga Caiola

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I found Olga one day perusing Instagram. She had just started to follow me and curious, I clicked on her profile. I was immediately drawn to her beautiful creations. I honestly wish I had discovered Olga when Valentina was a little bit younger so we could have ordered literally everything from her for her nursery, I love it that much! 

Olga creates mobiles, soothies (security blankets or doudou here in Europe) and other wonderful decorations for babies, all made by hand and to order. Smitten, I immediately asked to interview her, as much for my own curiosity as to share her beautiful work.

Who are you and where do you live?

My name is Olga and I live in Florlì, a small town in central Italy.

Why do you do, what you do?

I have a passion for creativity, or better yet, maybe I should call it a dependency. I love what I do! To create things for babies fills my heart with joy.

Explain a little bit about your work.

I make three types of objects:

Doudou [these are american “soothies” or security blankets/toys]

Mobiles to hang over cribs

Room decorations and birth announcement ribbons [in Italy is is customary to hang a ribbon outside your door to announce a new baby’s arrival, and they are often personalized and kept as keepsakes].

90% of the work I do, I do by hand, only every once in awhile using a sewing machine, like when I make a doudou. Every detail and every unique piece is hand cut and hand sewn. I use fabric and materials only of the best quality, with tons of love and passion in every object to guarantee the highest quality product I can provide.

What’s your biggest inspiration

My biggest inspiration is my son, Federico, my little boy of 15 months that I love madly.

How can someone order from you?

You can order by visiting by Instagram profile, choosing your model and sending me a message. I make everything to order, and everything is completely customizable. Production time varies from about 2-3 days for a doudou and three weeks for a mobile.

You can also contact her via Facebook here.

For language learners, here is the original interview in Italian:

Come ti chiami e dove abiti?

1. Mi chiamo Olga, abito a Forlì in una piccola città in centro Italia.

Perche fai questo per lavoro?

2. Ho la passione per creatività. Forse La posso chiamare dipendenza. Amo quello che faccio , creare per i bambini mi riempie il cuore di gioia.

Cosa fai e come sono fatti?

3. Realizzo 3 tipo di creazioni:


Giostrine culla 

Decorazione cameretta/ Fiocco nascita 

90% del lavoro viene svolto a mano e solo ogni tanto uso la macchina da cucire come nella realizzazione di DouDou. Tutti i dettagli e ogni particolare vengono ritagliati e realizzati a mano. Utilizzo i tessuti e dei materiali di miglior qualità,  tanto amore e passione per garantire un resultato eccellente.

Cos’e’ la tua ispirazione piu grande?

4. La mia ispirazione piu grande è mio figlio Federico, un bambino di 15 mesi che amo follemente.

Come si fa ad ordinare?

5. I miei creazioni si possano ordinare visitando mio profilo instagram scegliendo un modello e mandandomi un messaggio. Realizzo le mie creazioni su ordinazione, proprio per questo sono completamente personalizzabili.

I tempi di produzione variano dai 2-3 giorni del DouDou alle 3 settimane della giostrina.


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