48: How to talk about astrology in Italian

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“What’s your sign?” (Di che segno sei?). Today, I want to explore  l’astrologia or astrology in Italian. Did you know astrology has been popular since ancient roman times? Today, even non believers will casually mention their sign as a way to explain certain characteristic of their personality. It’s sort of normal talk in Italy, and knowing the words relating to it, will increase your vocab in Italian and also help you understand more nuanced Italian. Siete pronti? Andiamo! 

First let’s  go over the Italian names of the Zodiac

Taurus Toro 

Gemini Gemelli 

Cancer Cancro 

Leo Leone

Virgo Vergine 

Libra Bilancia 

Scorpio Scorpione 

Sagitarius Sagittario

Capricorn Capricorno 

Aquarius Acquario

Pisces Pesci 

Next let’s explore a few words and phrases you need to know.

First, If you want to ask someone what sign they are, you say:

Di che segno sei? 

Another way to talk about your sign is to say you were born under the sign of _ (insert sign here. Essere nato o nata sotto il segno del __ . So for me, Sono nata sotto il segno dell’ariete.

Someone who does astrology is an Astrologo -– astrologer

A verb worth knowing is also; Astrologare -– to practice astrology, cast horoscopes, but it is also sometimes used when someone makes a totally wild guess.

l’oroscopo –- the horoscope

l’Ascendente –- rising sign, ascendant

il discendente – the decending sign

Lo zodiaco – the zodiac 

And there you have it, ragazzi, l’astrologia in Italiano!


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