35: 5 Ways to make your holiday season more Italian

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Since the holiday season is officially here, I thought it would be fun to give Italy lovers some ideas on how to bring Italy into your home, no matter where you are in the world.

As you can imagine, Christmas is a pretty big deal in Italia, what with some 75% of the population of Italy considering themselves catholic. This means that regions, towns and families all have their Christmas traditions and standards. Things like songs, games, food and more are all part of the festivities in Italy.. So, if you’re already in the mood to celebrate, these 5 things will help add some Italian spice to your December.

  1. Instead of traditional Christmas cookies (or in addition to) why not bake some Italian Christmas cookies? My favorite are Ricciarelli, which are made with almond flour and coated in powdered sugar. However a quick google search, and you can find a number of Italian cookie ideas.
  2. If you do a white elephant gift exchange, or other gift exchange, why not make it Italian themed? Any gift goes, but it must be somehow tied to Italy.
  3. Shop small Italian businesses. There are lots of great guides out there, but you can also check my instagram, The Italianista, for a highlight section that has some of my favorite Italian gift ideas, right from Italy.
  4. Learn Italian Christmas songs. My favorite, which is actually for a bit after Christmas, is La befana. I am not going to ruin it for you by singing it, YouTube instead has lots of nicer versions. I also love “a Natale Puoi” so check that one out too.
  5. Make a green, white and red Christmas day, main course. Cannelloni di ricotta e spinaci is a great option. Not only is it the color of the Italian flag, it’s also the colors of Christmas. For an added bonus, look up and follow the recipe in Italian only!

Buone feste ragazzi!


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