33: Add some Italian to your holiday with these fun phrases

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We’re coming up on that time of year again, the holiday season! And while the holiday season looks a bit different than the American version that kicks off with Thanksgiving, Christmastime in Italy is amazing. Between the Christmas markets, and the holiday lights, Italy turns into a magic winter wonderland. If you want to create a bit of the holiday vibe wherever you are, I wanted to share some phrases you can add to your holiday cards, or use with your Italian friends to keep up the cheer. Siete pronti? Andiamo!

  1. Buone feste – this is the standard happy holidays greeting that can be used anytime once the season kicks off. The Italian holiday season usually kicks off on Dec, 8 but some regions kick off a bit earlier on Dec. 6 for St. Nicholas day or even in Milan on Dec. 7 which is  festa di sant’ambrogio – who is their patron saint. 
  2. Buon natale – Merry Christmas
  3. Buon anno  nuovo – Happy New Year
  4. Felice Hanukkah! – Happy hanukkah
  5. Passa un felice Anno Nuovo! – have a happy new year
  6. I miei più cari auguri! – Warm wishes!
  7. Buona festa del ringraziamento! – Happy thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is not traditionally celebrated in Italy, but in cities like Florence that have a lot of Americans, you can find some decent places to order a meal or even buy American groceries to cook at home. I am lucky because my Italian friends have fully embraced the holiday and some of my favorite thanksgiving memories were actually made here in Italy. We also started a little tradition, that before eating, we go around and say what we’re thankful for. This tradizione, has led to lots of happy tears, big emotions, cold food, and warm hugs. They love (and so do I) that we have a whole holiday dedicated to remembering what we’re thankful for, so I’ve been very happy to bring that goodness to Italia over the years. 

Allora, buone feste ragazzi! Ciao!


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