10 Romantic Songs in Italian

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Italians speaking, Italians singing. With such a melodic language, it all sounds like music to me. There really is just something so darn romantic about the Italian language. Which is why I am a sucker for a good Italian song. With a language that is already melodic, you don’t even have to know what they are saying to feel the love, longing and romance in these tunes. So cuddle up and get ready for all the romantic feels. You can find them all (and listen for free) by clicking here for my playlist on Spotify.

  1. Eccoti – This was Marco and my first dance song, at our wedding (followed by song number 2 since our English speaking guests could get into it). It’s about someone waiting their whole life for someone, and in the moment you’re about to give up, finally finding them.
  2. Perfect symphony – Boccelli and Ed Sheerin  – Just the first line in Italian, “Sei la mia donna” “you’re my woman” when sung by Boccelli is just so beautiful.
  3. Con te partirò – Bocelli – This song builds in a way that it leaves you almost in tears. The lyrics are just as lovely with sweetness like, “you ignited my heart.”
  4. La Prima Cosa Bella – Ricchi e Poveri – The song starts like this, “You took the guitar and you play for me, you don’t have time to learn and you don’t know how to play, but you play for me” and just like that, pure romance.
  5. Vivo per lei – Boccelli duet with Giorgia – So sultry, so sexy with the back and forth of Bocelli and the female vocalist. This song is pure romance with lines like, “I live for her, because she makes my soul vibrate.”
  6. L’importante è finire – Mina – Sex alert! This song is purely about the physical act of love. She talks about her legs shaking, about his breath being hot on her neck and his great talent as a love maker. She even goes so far as to reference the French “petite mort” aka “the small death,” which is just a better sounding way to say orgasm.
  7. Due respiri – I’ll just leave this line here: “Because nothing is like you and me together, nothing is more precious, that you and me together. We are two breaths, that vibrate together, for good or bad, nothing is like you and me together.”
  8. A te – Jovanotti – Jovanotti is a superstar in Italy, and this might be his most romantic song. I love the chorus of “to you that you are, simply you, essence of my days and essence of my dreams.”
  9. Come nelle favole – Vasco Rossi – “You and me, raising our kids together…like in fairytales” ugh that line gets me every. Single. Time. 
  10. Il regalo più grande – Tiziano Ferro – One of the most romantic lines ever, “I’ll like to give your smile away to the moon, so that whoever looks at it at night, can think of you and so that it would remind you of my love and it doesn’t matter what people say.” Swoon.



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